MJ's intricate handmade jewelry has been shown at California's Bowers Museum's Art of Adorning.

What’s That Glow?


The Magic of the Pearl

When I saw my first Kasumi Pearl, I was pulled into the aura to its natural luster and its organic appeal.  I was drawn by the warm reflection of light from each pearl as it glowed like a luminous moon. What’s more, the complete string of Kasumi pearls warms to the skin to the point that you almost consider it a part of you. And the colors: from cream to an opulent grey, accented with reflections of imperial gold. Owing to all of this, the Kasumi pearl feels sumptuous and substantial.Magic of Pearls Kasumi Moonglow

Natural Perfection

The beauty of the Kasumi pearl is born directly from nature, and the extraordinary fact that it’s not color enhanced, simply stated a gorgeous creation. Each pearl is as unique as you or me, and in that way, they are as individual as each of us  Strung together the pearls become a majestic necklace that makes a statement from across a room.Magic of Pearls Kasumi Moonglow

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