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Her Majesty's Jewels was established in 2006, founded on our love of natural stones, organic elements, and our spirit of creativity and individuality. With our origins in Australia, and our love for color, we bring that vision to our craft. Everything is crafted with care. Our properties, both necklaces and bracelets, are not mass-produced. Each stone, pearl, and crystal is individually hand-jeweled into our designs. We ensure our standard of quality and craftsmanship before they take their ultimate place as the limited-edition jewelry in our collection. Water elements used are fresh water pearls; Earth items used include amethyst, quartz, agate and jasper; and the sky is captured in the lucid imported crystals reflected in our creations. And all with love.

We craft our jewelry in beautiful Southern California, where you can reach us to discuss your thoughts about our designs. We really do enjoy hearing from you, and we’ll give you our full attention and a personal response, so accept our invitation to contact us.

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