Cultured Pearls

We are as varied as our cultures. We are a universe of style and individuality, yet we share the commonality of our beauty and humanity. These are our stories. For us. About us.

Kasumi Moon on Water Magic of Pearls Kasumi Moonglow

What’s That Glow?

The Magic of the Pearl When I saw my first Kasumi Pearl, I was pulled into the aura to its natural luster and its organic appeal.  I was drawn by the warm reflection of light from each pearl as it glowed like a luminous moon. What’s more, the complete string of Kasumi pearls warms to

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this little light of mine

This little Light of mine

This little light of mine has shown me, very early on, that 2018 is a year of us and we. I feel strongly about that and can see it everywhere. And the others around me can, too. I see it in the hopeful eyes of the woman who provides my freshwater pearls; she smiles and

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We did it

We’re incredibly proud we were able to lend our hand to the families whose lives were impacted by the 2017 hurricanes. We did it! – and so did you.   Our financial donation to Habitat for Humanity will add to the much-needed acts of kindness and generosity expressed from around the globe. Habitat for Humanity is

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Crystal Life - HerMJ

The Crystal Life

Gemstones have always fascinated me; I was fortunate to have a brilliantly creative father who loved nature and crystals. Tirelessly working in the garage, polishing stones and magically transforming them, he passed down the joy it gave him, and I am the beneficiary. One of the first stones he gave me was an Ocean Jasper.

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