“Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new world.” –Anais Nin

In recognition of your many acts of kindness.

Her Majesty’s Jewels is dedicated to providing jewelry of impeccable quality and outstanding value. Our commitment to designing and hand crafting our fine jewelry is rewarded by the voices of our clients, the experiences they share about shopping with us, and their ultimate ownership of affordably opulent necklaces and bracelets from HerMJ.

  1. Alexandra G.

    Love the necklace! My husband says it enhances me.

    Oceana Necklace

  2. S_Ali

    Brought this necklace and can’t take it off. Absolutely love it.

    Vitruvian Necklace

  3. Lois Smith

    It can go from casual to more formal settings and has a trendy edge that continues to draw compliments.  I loved it so much I bought one for my mother as well!.  Makes a great gift!  She loved it!

    Agaya’s Ladder Bracelet

  4. Michelle P.

    I purchased a beautiful black sleeping mermaid necklace from HerMJ at the Bowers Art of Adornment and it is just gorgeous! They are very personable and the quality and beauty of this necklace is wonderful.  It is among my favorites that I own and treasure.  I feel lucky to have found her at the show and to be able to purchase such a treasure is lovely.

    Mermaid Interlude Necklace

  5. Sandy Sanchez

    Thank you for such a beautifully crafted bracelet. The details of my order were handled meticulously from the correct sizing to the home delivery. I have an exquisite, artistic piece that I can wear and cherish for a long time.

    Florentine Fantasy Bracelet

  6. Marie

    Beautiful, it’s my favorite bracelet.

    Mermaid Bracelet


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