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Handmade Jewelry vs Mass-production

When designing handmade jewelry, it takes countless hours to create a necklace or a bracelet. I’ve often heard comments “how do you have the patience?

It’s true that I touch each stone or crystal and hand weave them into the design. The answer to the question is that I lose myself in the pure joy of creativity, and I truly enjoy the process. In the end, I know that my beautiful handmade bracelet or necklace will find another loving hand in its new home.
Oh, don’t get me wrong — I’ve worn my share of factory manufactured jewelry in the past. While there’s nothing wrong with it, and although I’ve admired the designs, the purchase was more of an impulsive fling than a long-lasting relationship. And as evidence that we’ve all been there, just look at the bottom of last season’s purse, or the bottom of your dresser drawer.

One important lesson I’ve learned as a jewelry designer is that “manufactured” is more like someone waving at you from across the street, while handmade is that hug which will mean as much in a month or a year as it will on the day it was given.

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