A Guide to Quality Jewelry

This jewelry primer will give you important background information about choosing the best jewelry based on the ideal components.

Quality Components

The components used in our designs are chosen for their quality. It’s important to know that the gems, stones, and pearls are carefully sourced, selected, and integrated into Her Majesty’s Jewels Necklaces and Bracelets based, not only on their beauty but also their value.

What is the Perfect Pearl?

They come in a rainbow of shapes, colors, and sizes, but what is the best way to choose the perfect pearls before you buy them?

Which crystals are quality?

Beyond their shimmer, some crystals are more highly regarded than others, but how do you know which are which?

Does your Jewelry measure up?

Your clothes fit you perfectly, but does your jewelry? How do you choose the best jewelry for your body type?

Surprising birthstone facts

Do you know the 12 amazing birthstone facts?
And what about birthstone alternatives?