Pearl Evolution

Evolution of Pearls

Pearl Evolution – Oh, The Colors

The pearl evolution has transformed us and will continue to, as it further advances our fashion trends and options. Looking at the pearl through its long and illustrious history, we first came to know the iconic morsel of calcium carbonate as a glimmering white sphere, often surprising us from its emblematic hinged black-velvet box, from which it would be bestowed to us as the classic symbol of love and affection. Celebrated for its sense of sophistication, and serving us well as a quintessential facilitator, brightly marking aspiring anniversaries and long-lived special occasions.

Today, as I attend buyers’ shows, I’m constantly excited by its expanding range of possibilities and the dazzling array of colors: eye-popping pinks, glorious yellows, shimmering blues, glimmering greens, creamy browns, dazzling silvers, and rich golds. 

Pearl Evolution

And as the demand for color increases, so do the available choices we can reflect in our jewelry designs, generously afforded to us by the wonderful diversity of the pearl.

With the abundance of sizes and colors, pearls make exceptional components for not only necklaces, but bracelets, and earring jewelry. From the exotic to the classic, the style of the pearl available for street style or formal fashion is virtually unlimited. So just as essential as your golden strand of chain or the shimmering gemstone, be sure to consider the pearl an essential component in your jewelry showcase.

It’s a great time for the pearl, and for the colorful possibilities of wearing it. At HerMJ.com you’ll find fresh water pearls incorporated in an ever-increasing number our designs, suitable for just about any occasion and every mood.

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