Epacris Crystal Bracelet


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The Epacris Crystal Bracelet sparkles with pink Swarovski faceted 8mm pink crystals, surrounded by a dazzling rhinestone micro pavé setting. This adorable bracelet includes 4 mm pink Swarovski crystals that enhance the long silver tubes, making a perfect balance.

The Epacris Crystal Bracelet is perfect for any occasion, including her anniversary celebrations, birthdays, or graduations.

This breathtaking crystal bracelet compliments any wardrobe and matches your other accessories, whether necklace, earrings, or rings, to complete your casual as well as formal ensemble.

The Epacris Crystal Bracelet is 7 inches long.

This bracelet is inspired by Epacris impressa flower, indigenous to Australia, and discovered by French botanist Jacques Labillardière. The flowers are found in colors ranging from pink, white, or red and found in the coastal regions and foothills in Australia.

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