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Room Jewelry – Sodalite Gemstone Bowl

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Never loose an earring again. The charming Sodalite Gemstone Bowl is perfect for holding your precious rings and earrings. The bold blue color is eye-catching (and great for spotting your delicate keepsakes from across the room).

Sodalite has been loved throughout the ages due to its incredible beauty, and also known by a few names, including Princess Blue, Canadian Lapis, Blue Stone, and Canadian Blue Stone. The deep navy blues and striking white in the gemstone bowl make it a great gift; for yourself or a loved one. Sodalite is an attractive dark blue stone with dark veins running through it, resembling a starry sky.

Planets related to sodalite are the Moon and Jupiter.

Bowl A – Height 2.84 inches, Width 3.08 Inches

Weight 7.4 oz

Bowl B – Height 2.53 Inches, Width 2.77 inches

Weight 4.5 oz

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Large Sodalite Gemstone Bowl - ARoom Jewelry – Sodalite Gemstone Bowl
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