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Sartorial Styles For Discerning Gentlemen. Exclusive Designs From The Design Studios of HerMJ

Enrich your everyday style with our handsome handcrafted jewelry pieces designed specifically with the sophisticated man in mind.

Our handcrafted men’s bracelets artisan designs and custom artisan men’s necklaces strike an ideal balance of impact and refinement. These are statement accessories that get you noticed for their top-notch construction and intriguing textures, not loud embellishments.

Blue Kyanite Gemstone Bracelet

The bracelet is designed with a high-quality elastic stretch cord to ensure that you’re comfortable while wearing it, so you’ll look as good as you feel. 

These consciously curated additions to your daily wardrobe are carefully constructed. Treat yourself to artfully handcrafted premium accessories for gentlemen.

Blue Tiger Eye Sterling Silver Bracelet

The colors are natural from hues of deep blues, gold and browns, complimented by a sterling silver bead.

We use classic techniques to create unique pieces that will last a lifetime because our deepest fulfillment is in the embrace of our individuality. It is where we find our absolute authenticity.

Seashell Pendant Necklace

The iridescent focal pendant, a superbly crafted 35 mm inscribed black-lipped shell from French Polynesia is from the Pinctada Margaritifera, known for producing majestic Tahitian pearls.

Each item in our small-batch collections features artisanal attention to detail from expert craftsmen utilizing only premium materials.

Black Lava Tahitian Pearl Bracelet

Natural black lava stones, and a magnificently sculpted Tahitian pearl inscribed with a perfect hand-designed Lotus flower.

You’ll feel the satisfying build of impeccable craftsmanship meeting sleek and stylish design.

Onyx Beads Bracelet

Stylishly and elegant. Polished black Onyx gemstones on handwoven leather with hematite beads.

Accessories play a role as the finishing touch that draws the right type of attention. A well-designed bracelet or necklace is a signal to those around you. It tells them that you’re not the average man.

Incredible Seraphinite Bracelet

Majestic, green seraphinite gemstones, enhanced by striations of mica, with a rich plume of natural internal patterns.

Today’s man knows that style is not just about a black tie or dress slacks. Modern men appreciate the value of looking good and going beyond the standard fair.

Amethyst Stone Bracelet

Polished amethyst stones on supple handwoven leather with sparkling natural amethyst and hematite beads.

The modern man can appreciate the top quality while admiring old-world touches in each item, and every piece shows a character as distinguished as yours.

Fabel Mookaite Necklace

A focal pendant sculpted from beautifully polished mookaite with splashes of marbled cream and tan.

Style is an the ultimate personal expression. Your declaration. A unique distinction that leads the way in how others see you. And how you see yourself.

Rainbow Freshwater Pearl Necklace

The rainbow of radiant freshwater pearls adds a gorgeous luminous high-fashion spark to this limited-edition piece.

Distinctive Accessories for The Discerning Man

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