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It was from my original home in Melbourne, Australia, that I developed my love for natural gemstones and beautiful jewelry. Coming to America, I established Her Majesty’s Jewels in 2006. Now, from my studio located in beautiful Southern California, I handcraft premier, high-quality jewelry.

My items are created locally using hand-selected elements including freshwater pearls, Austrian crystals, and natural gemstones.

I understand what HerMJ offers is deeply personal, so my primary commitment is not merely to provide value, but also the creation of jewelry that is uniquely timeless and contemporary. Importantly, each of my designs is meant to be a natural expression of the person embodying it.

The Value of Jewelry

about HerMJ handmade designs

Through my travels across Australia, Asia, Europe, and America, I have been fortunate to encounter the elegance of multiple cultures and have benefited from the amazing influence of colors, textures, and character they introduce into my designs.

After countless hours of planning and composing each design, the result is a sense of fulfillment that is equally as exciting with every product that I produce.

Holding the finished product in my hands, I envision its wearer, someone who will care for it as much as I did during its creation. They will be the owner of jewelry that is born of pride, a caring hand, and the dedication to create jewelry that will last a lifetime.

When you love what you do

it shows

A Little About HerMJ Designs

I really do enjoy hearing from you, and I’ll give you my full attention and a personal response, so accept my invitation to contact me.

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About HerMJ

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