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    Golden Tiger Eye Bracelet


    The gorgeous Golden Tiger Eye Bracelet is a stylish handwoven leather design, with beautiful tiger eye stones offset by hematite beads. The bracelet is easily adjustable from 7 – 8 inches. The unisex design makes this perfect for him or her.

    Bracelet fits wrists: 7 – 8 inches (17.78 cm – 20.32 cm)
    Tiger eye stones – 8 mm

    HerMJ Jewelry, Wear Jewelry Rocks ™

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  • SoldSterling Silver Tiger Eye NecklaceSterling Silver Tiger Eye Necklace - Pendant

    Sterling Silver Tiger Eye Necklace


    The design of the Sterling Silver Tiger Eye necklace was inspired by the incredible focal pendant which is encased in a hand-made sterling silver bezel and offset by an amethyst cabochon. This dramatic 2-inch pendant radiates with incredible beauty that is complemented matched by the striking stripes in the natural tiger eye.

    Length: 24 inches

    Pendant: 2 inches and encased in sterling silver

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  • SoldHerMJ.com - Autumn Gold NecklaceAutumn Gold Necklace - HerMJ.com

    Autumn Gold Necklace


    The Autumn Gold Necklace is more than eye-catching.  This dramatic necklace is not subtle in its decadently luxurious 8 mm natural faceted tiger eye gemstones, or combined raku beads.  Nor does it hold back on the opulent style of the gold-filled spacer beads. The dramatic and beautiful 24-carat gold dipped real Aspen leaf, however, unashamedly reaffirms the notion that there is never too much style.  And, yes, this necklace is a show stopper.

    Necklace Length: 18 inches (45.72 cm)

    Pendant Length: 1 1/2 inches (3.81 cm)

    👉🏻 See the beauty of tiger eye gemstones

    HerMJ Jewelry, Southern California Designs

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