Pink Pineapple Quartz


In stock Perfect Jewelry ApparelA rare find, this extra-large Pink Pineapple Quartz is a showstopper. Usually found in smaller sizes, this incredible gemstone has a central point with smaller clusters surrounding the base. 

Originating from Madagascar, and known for its striking gemstones such as Ocean Jasper, this is a natural stone — not artifically treated.

This amazing crystal rests on its own natural base formed by the Earth and Mother nature. Also known as Candle Quartz, this gemstone features clusters resembling glistening resin, but infinitely more durable.

The gemstone displays a magical pink tone that glimmers in the light, and is sure to become a treasured item for your home, office, and any environment you choose.

Excellent for introducing an element of Feng Shui to your decor.

Length is 5.4 inches, width 4.5 inches

Weight 3 lbs 5.4 oz

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Weight 53.4 oz
Dimensions 5.4 × 4.5 × 5.4 in
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Pink Pineapple QuartzPink Pineapple Quartz

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