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Glamour Meets Hammer

Glamour Meets Hammer

The world is forever changing,

But recently it looks different to many of us in a way we could never have imagined and on a scale so massive it will require dedicated effort from us to restore order to our friends and families affected by the recent storms.  In our own way, we at HerMJ have dedicated ourselves to contribute to the work that needs to be done.

For the families who should be able to use the phrase, “my home,” and out of an appreciation that events like these are best described as being connected to the concept of “us,” Her Majesty’s Jewels pledged to contribute 25% of all 2017 October sales to Habitat for Humanity. And that is why you should consider them, too.

Below is the link to the organization. Use to support a very worthy cause – and the people that they serve. From our own experience, we can tell you that there is a great feeling of satisfaction in taking part.

Habitat for Humanity®

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have caused unprecedented and widespread devastation, forcing thousands of people out of damaged homes and communities. Our hearts and prayers are with the people in affected areas.

Habitat for Humanity will be assessing shelter and housing needs caused by these storms, but our ability to respond effectively depends on available resources

Hurricane Maria

Join Hands - Puerto Rico
Hurricane Maria – Puerto Rico

As a strong category 4 hurricane, making landfall in on September 20th, Maria battered the island of Puerto Rico with winds of 155 mph, knocking out power and communications across the entire island.

Hurricane Irma

Join Hands - Florida
Hurricane Irma – Florida

On September 10th in the Florida Keys, Irma struck as a category four storm, contributing to more than 70 record peak water level readings on the rivers and streams across the state, Irma is the response for flooding across Florida.

Hurricane Harvey

Join Hands - Puerto Rico
Hurricane Harvey – Texas

During the final days of August, Harvey’s path of destruction marked more than 375 miles along the eastern coast of the US, from Kingsville in southwest Texas to Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Click here for results of our October “Glamour Meets Hammer” donation

Habitat for Humanity

Donations are used to respond to Hurricanes Maria, Harvey, and Irma until Habitat for Humanity’s role in meeting the need is met, at which time funds will be used for Habitat’s disaster response efforts where most needed. Habitat for Humanity International shall make every effort to use funds as designated; nevertheless, under the direction of the Board of Directors, Habitat for Humanity International retains complete control over the use and distribution of donated funds in furtherance of its mission.

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