The Truth About Pearl Jewelry - Can Men Wear Pearls

How Can Men Wear Pearls?

Pearls have been worn by men for centuries, but they are often seen as a symbol of purity and innocence. While they do have some links to masculinity, there is more to them than meets the eye.

The History of Pearls for Men

When it comes to pearls for men, the current and future trends are quite favorable. Like most developments involving the items we wear, the move towards men wearing pearl jewelry follows the familiar evolution of style and fashion. Just as the term “fashion” covers everyone, it also includes pearls.

Can Men Wear Pearls?
Guys wearing pearl necklace trend

Historically, pearl necklaces were worn exclusively by women; however, starting in the early 1900s, pearls became increasingly popular with men, particularly pearl necklaces.

There are a few theories as to why this happened. Some say that pearl necklaces became more popular because they were seen as more delicate and feminine than other pieces of jewelry.

Others believe pearls started to become fashionable among men because they were seen as symbols of wealth and power. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that pearls for men have come a long way from their historical roots as the string of pearls universally seen as a accessory worn by women only.

What Pearls Symbolize Today

Like many other things, the significance of pearls has changed over time. In ancient times, pearls were seen as a sign of wealth and power. Today, pearl necklaces are often given as wedding gifts or celebrations, and they symbolize purity, love, happiness — and most important — a sense of style.

How to Wear Pearl Jewelry

Natural pearls are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry for women, but as we all are starting to witness, men can wear pearls, too. If you want to wear pearls, there are a few things you need to know about how to wear them.

First, always make sure that the pearl is in the correct position on your necklace or ring. If it’s misplaced, it can cause a lot of discomfort, and even damage your jewelry. This means a choker shouldn’t actually choke, and a pearl ring sandwiched between two metal rings is bound to take a beating.

Second, always use a quality pearl brush to clean your pearls before you put them on. This will help keep them looking their best and prevent any build-up of dirt or bacteria that could damage them over the long term.

Finally, be sure to store your pearls safely when they’re not in use. They should be stored in a cool dry environment until their next outing.

Whether you’re looking for an investment piece or just want to wear something beautiful, natural pearls make a brilliant choice. By all means, put them on and step out with a fresh look and you’ll be a bold as you are beautiful.

Men In Pearls: Know Your Jewelry

Knowing the value of pearl jewelry is an important part of getting the best value. Learn the differences between pearl grades that go into the products you buy. We know the importance of the fabrics and styles of jeans and jackets. Pearls are no different. In fact, there are a number of characteristics that go into the grading of the pearl jewelry that catches your eye. Learn to recognize the differences before making your investment. To help, here is a quick cheat sheet on what makes pearls precious. Read it before buy.

Guys wearing pearl earrings was a good indication of what’s to come in terms of the growing popularity of male pearl jewelry. Now, and increasingly into the future, it’s time for everything from a pearl ring to a pearl choker, to an engaging cultured pearl necklace. And gentlemen, feel free to wear them in high style and with extreme confidence.

… and you can also shop for your pearls with confidence below.

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