Measuring Jewelry for your body type

measuring jewelry for your body type

Measuring jewelry for your body type is one of the most essential ways to make certain you feel comfortable wearing your bracelet or necklace. And it all starts with sizing things properly. By knowing how to measure jewelry, you can make certain that your necklaces and bracelets are perfectly suited to you and the look you ultimate create. We love it that you are as unique as our jewelry, and we want you to feel as comfortable in it every bit as much as you look gorgeous wearing it.

So take a moment to look at these types of measurements and decide what’s best for you. Whether a choker or full-length necklace, or a bangle or a bracelet, you can choose not only what you wear, but how you wear it. Consider your own beautiful body type as you browse our jewelry gallery, and then pick what’s best for you.

Necklace Length

Popular sizes range from 16-inches to 24-inches in length.

Here is a handy guide to some of the other popular necklace lengths to use as general reference. Of course, there really are no rules — no right and wrong to looking spectacular in the style and length that suits your mood.

16-inchesIs a Choker length for you?
17-19 inchesOr a Collarbone length?
20-inchesWhat about a few inches Below the collarbone?
22-inchesNear the Neckline?
24-inchesBelow the Neckline, perhaps?

To determine your ideal size for your necklace, start by considering your neck size by taking a soft tailor’s measuring tape and carefully placing it around the neck.

(HINT) It’s effective to keep the measuring tape level with the floor in order to get the most accurate result.

It’s also a good idea to add a few inches (or approximately 10 centimeters) to the resulting number in order to determine the minimum necklace length for a collarbone style necklace or longer necklace style. Also, consider your height when selecting the best necklace style to suit your build. Would a longer necklace be more compatible with your stature? Or if you’re petite, would something with fewer inches be even more flattering?

Bracelet Size

How To Measure Wrist Size For Bracelets

Measurement Guide

In terms of the ideal bracelet measurement, take your trusty measuring tape and make a coil around your wrist, just above your wrist bone. If a bangle is more your style, the measurement should be made by wrapping the tape measure around your palm, taking your thumb into account in the same manner that you would if you were slipping the bangle onto your wrist.

And, as with necklaces, give yourself a little room for comfort by adding up to one inch (if you’d like a looser fit), or as little as ¼-inch for a closer fit, depending on your preference to assure your ideal bracelet size.

And for bangles, ensure that you have enough room to comfortably place the bangle onto your wrist by ensuring that you’ve taken into account the measurement around your palm and thumb, taking into consideration the widest part of your palm — and sizing your bangle appropriately so that it can slide onto your wrist, but that it doesn’t accidentally slip off.

The ideal necklace or bracelet should reflect what’s best for you. Ask yourself what it is that you want to accentuate with a new necklace? Just as horizontal stripes on clothing emphasize your shape from left to right, a 24-inch necklace, in contrast, can have the effect of calling attention to the length of your physique from head to toe.

Similarly, you can use a bracelet to present your ideal visual impression of your hands and wrists. The placement of your bracelet, based on the way it emphasizes — or deemphasizes — your wrist can be made by your personal choice of a loose or more closely-fitting size.

All of this can help you create a visual statement by sizing your jewelry accordingly. And with this in mind, you’ll feel as good as you look wearing your new HerMJ jewelry.

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