Turn Heads In Red (Bonjour Red!)

Say Bonjour Red, and Turn Heads In Red!

I received an invitation to a black-and-white event.

I enjoy themed events; I consider them a break from my usual mode. Who secretly doesn’t rejoice at the opportunity to go into dress-up mode and explore the deep mysteries of their wardrobe? (and, perhaps, the occasion to say “Bonjour, red.”)

Going against the norm I often choose red (from head to toe). A maxi dress that was bold and alive, and exclaimed, “Bonjour.”  The color successfully popped against the alternatively subtle background.  A bit of red has always played an important role in my life. I can always call on it to add a special touch and make a statement — vitality, celebration.

Siam Crimson Crystal Necklace
Siam Crimson Crystal Necklace | HerMJ

Red makes an entrance; it’s an alive color, found throughout the centuries in love, life, and all things regal.

Red is the color of (kings and) queens. It shows our fire. It symbolizes our power and our victories.   I recall Australia and the majesty of Ayres Rock.

Turn Heads In Red - Ayres Rock, Australia

I still envision it and its bold vivid, distinction at dusk. And I include it in my jewelry, with versions of natural stones including red jasper, ruby crystal, and carnelian. You should, too.

Don’t be afraid to say “Bonjour Red!” and turn heads in RED.

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