Celebrate Your Majesty

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Celebrate Your Majesty

At a museum show, a woman stood admiring one of my necklaces. When I took it off of the display so she could try it on, she said something that was very interesting to me.

As she placed it around her neck, she talked about how pretty it was but concluded that it was too fancy for her. And yet, she continued to admire it for a bit longer before she very delicately placed it back on the display, gave it one last look, and then said goodbye before she strolled away.⁠

Because I didn’t want to impose or to ask too much of her, I thanked her for the compliment. She gifted me with a warm smile, which I was glad to trade with her before she left, but our brief interaction stayed with me all day.

I considered her words – well, not the words themselves, but how she spoke them. They took me back to the beginning days when I started making jewelry.⁠

Then, as now, I considered the term “accessory” one of the most accurate descriptions for any beautiful necklace or sparkling bracelet. To me, the insight of the word recognizes that the true value of jewelry is derived from the person wearing it and that it can only accent us.

No matter how alluring, jewelry is secondary to the beauty of the woman it adorns.⁠

And You Are Beautiful


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It’s too often overlooked just how special you are. You see yourself every day and lose sight of it: your compassion, your grace.

All the many things that make you wonderfully unique – and even majestic. ⁠

I meet so many of us who sometimes undervalue the beauty in ourselves, from the woman who stands outside of her own fanciful vision, and yet neglects to welcome herself into it, to those of us who define beauty as something to aspire to rather than accept as inherent within ourselves.⁠

Celebrate Your Majesty 2


Whether you ever consider something I’ve designed, I want you to know that you are, and will be, its inspiration. You are beautiful. You are majestic. ⁠ So celebrate your grace, your beauty, your majesty.

True Blue Lapis

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True Blue Lapis

Extreme Beauty

Lapis Lazuli has always mesmerized me. Looking at the gold matrix that runs through the deepness of the stone’s blue hue, I love the way it gleams with richness, history, and majesty. Lapis has weight, presence, and speaks of the ages. It’s a stone of history and tradition, treasured and adored — how could one not be in love? Holding a Lapis stone in my hand, I’m drawn into it.

HerMJ.com - Lapis Terrene Necklace

Lapis Through the Ages

As I caress my stone and I wonder about its distant relatives that date back to more than 6500 years, to the ancient times of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome. The family of the Lapis Lazuli is absolutely eye-catching. It takes my breath away–as if it walked into a room to announce: “I am here”.

Not surprisingly this extraordinary blue rock has been prized through the ages for its fierce color. Going back as far as the 7th millennium BC, the stone was mined in the regions of northeast Afghanistan. The name is derived from the Persian word, lazhward, meaning “blue.”

Naturally, the love of Lapis expanded beyond Afghanistan and was exported as far as South Asia and Europe at the end of the middle ages.

One incredible idea was to grind Lapis into a fine powder, the act transformed it into the intense blue color we know as ultramarine, the most expensive of all blue pigments — second only to gold.

Ultramarine was highly sought as a pigment by renowned artists, who used the intensity of this magnificent blue paint to heighten the beauty of their model’s robes and gowns.

And of course, in 1665 ultramarine was used to paint the turban for the iconic image, “The Girl with a Pearl Earring”.


Trust a Queen…

The beautiful Cleopatra even ground the Lapis for use as her royal eye shadow. On her upper eyelids, the gold flecks of pyrite found in the Lapis stone added to her allure. Both she and the ancient Egyptians used the intense blue of the lapis stone to protect them from the burning haze of the bright desert sun.

Not only was Lapis used for cosmetics, but it was also prized by the Egyptians who used it to craft intricate jewelry, including amulets, pendants, and beads.

Lapis was even believed to possess strong powers that protected its wearer from the infamous evil eye.

Lapis is ageless and timeless, with a contemporary feel traversing centuries. As a regal stone, the saturation of its deep blue color plays well with gold or silver. And with its incredible history, there appears to be no end to its role as an indispensable contributor to today’s fashion industry.

This Little Light of Mine

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This little light of mine has shown me very early on, that this is the year of us and we. I feel strongly about that and can see it everywhere — in people caring for one another, maintaining our emotional connections even as the physical connections present certain challenges, and in the hope that we extend to each other and to the future. 

Others around me can see it, too. 

Looking back, I see it in the hopeful eyes of the woman who provides my freshwater pearls; she smiles and showed me just what I was looking for without my asking. We’ve known each other for that familiar little stretch of time that occurs frequently but passes much too soon. But time does that. In it, we become like early, unfamiliar stones that are somehow gathered together to fashion a spectacular bond. 

As I design my necklaces, I think of the jewels I’ve met over the last year. Each one has been precious to me. The briskness and the challenges of our collective past have been testaments to our perseverance, and we won’t have to wait long to begin something new. And in time, we’ll all shine.

This little light of mine

Love Makes A Difference

Thinking of the frontline workers

Her Majesty’s Jewels (HERMJ) was honored to join our designer friends at our Tuesday roundtable in an effort to contribute to Working Wardrobes (WW).  Shelby Hicks drew our attention to WW’s mission, and as a result we created an assortment of jewelry designed for our donation to the organization’s mission of preparing their clients for the vital, and life-changing event: the job interview.

We Did It

Our donation to Habitat for Humanity will add to the much-needed acts of kindness and generosity expressed from around the globe.

With Love from Her Majesty’s Jewels – www.HerMJ.com

Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

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