Her Majesty’s Jewels @ Bowers Museum

Stunning Freshwater Pearls - HerMJ - Bowers Museum

I was thrilled to be chosen to show our stunning freshwater pearls at “The Art of Adorning” last weekend, taking place at Bowers Museum.  Many hours went into the selection, design, and creation of my jewelry. 

Regardless of how many hours and the intricate details, the highlight of my day was to meet the people who stopped by my table to chat, say hello, give a hug, and have a laugh.    They are the jewels in the crown.  As a highlight of my boutique’s opening, I had a giveaway.

I’m thrilled to announce the winner of the giveaway, a freshwater pearl and crystal bracelet, from my   Mermaid collection.

Congratulations to our Bowers Giveaway Winner!
Enjoy your new bracelet, Laura.

Bowers Show Giveaway

Bowers Giveaway - Her Majesty's Jewels - Fresh Water Pearls and Sterling Silver
We look forward to seeing everyone at the next event!

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