Meaning Of Amethyst Crystal

Meaning of Amethyst Crystal

The Amazing Historical Meaning Of The Amethyst Crystal

The beautiful purple variety of amethyst quartz gemstone is one of our most beloved crystals of choice in jewelry designs at HerMJ. The absolutely magnificent color and luster make it a perfect stone for jewelry and for home decor.

From its earliest days, amethyst gemstones captured the attention of everyone fortunate enough to hold its crystal in their hand. It was not long after that the spiritual value of the semiprecious stone increased. And with its popularity steadily growing, some considered the decorative gemstone as a cardinal gem, precious above all others — including its reception as an alternative to other precious gemstones, including the diamond.   

As a variety of purple quartz, the stone consists of crystalized silicon dioxide as does its neighbor, rose quartz. The beauty of amethyst’s stunning color comes from traces of iron and other mineral impurities that give the stone its popular deep purple color. These trace elements are responsible for the radiant pink, green and yellow, and even ethereal pale lilac colors.

A phenomenon known as zoning is responsible for the gradients (or transitions of color) found in the stone, where the lighter coloration at the crystal’s center transitions to a darker hue closer to the stone’s surface.

With a Mohs hardness on the same scale as other varieties of quartz, its durability makes it a perfect stone for jewelry and resilient home decor.

Although amethyst crystals occur in volcanic rock formations around the world, Brazil and Madagascar continue to be the stone’s most fertile regions.

As with the diamond, the amethyst’s beautiful purple crystal structure is resistant to scratches (although less so). And like the diamond, this beautiful stone can also be a product of science as well as nature. Amethyst stones, developed in a laboratory environment, can mimic their natural counterparts so closely that gem testing is the only means of accurately identifying synthetic amethyst from a natural semiprecious stone.

What Does Amethyst Symbolize?

The meaning of amethyst crystals has been established across world cultures, and across time. No one culture can claim sole ownership of the stone or the attraction of its population to it.

Early Greek mythology and Roman society considered an amethyst stone for protection against intoxication. Wearing it was not only seen as a symbol of sobriety — even the meaning of its name, translated from the Greek amethustos (not drunken), was symbolic of the claim. 

Ironically, wine glasses and decanters crafted from amethyst stones were meant to remove the dangers of the alcohol they contained.

meaning of amethyst crystal- Roman amethyst wine decanter
Roman Amethyst Wine Decanter

Representations In Philosophy 

The amethyst crystal is frequently used in spiritual practices and is associated with the crown chakra, known as the seventh chakra in yoga institutions. Highly regarded for its influence on spiritual growth, the crown chakra is considered an inspiration toward spiritual transformation and self-awareness.

The religious writings in the Book of Exodus describe a sacred breastplate worn by Aaron, brother of Moses, and regarded as High Priest of the Israelites. Known as the Breastplate of Aaron, it was worn with a sleeveless garment known as an ephod and contained popular gemstones representing the 12 tribes of Israel.

On it, one of the 12 stones was amethyst, which later represented the tribe of Gad, who was the son of Jacob, revered for intellectual and strategic ability on the battlefield.

Also popular is the belief in amethyst crystals’ ability to soothe anxiety and promote creativity.

The connection between the gemstone’s sheer beauty, and the powerful belief in its metaphysical properties, contributes to the stone’s universal appeal.

So, while many treasure purple amethysts for their significant contribution to jewelry, others valued the quartz stone for its connection to spiritual awareness, inner peace, and opposing negative energy, and some even claim that the stone enhances psychic abilities.

Word-View Meaning Of Amethyst Crystals

One of the most notable material uses of the purple crystal has been its designation as a symbol of royalty.

An amethyst scarab bracelet was even found in the tomb of the Boy King, Tutankhamun, symbolically named to reflect his parents’ worship of Aten, or sun god. The name Tutankhamun translates to “living image of Aten,” and the carved amethyst buried with the sun king represents a scarab, a symbol of the sun god itself.

what does amethyst symbolize - Tutankhamen Amethyst Scarab Bracelet
Tutankhamen Amethyst Scarab Bracelet

In ancient times of the Roman Severan dynasty, also known as the imperial period, amethyst established a place of distinction as an intaglio, where engravers carved the face of Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius into the gemstone.

what does amethyst symbolize - intaglio, Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius
Intaglio, Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antonius

In more recent times, the purple stone found its way into the royal domain for another very fascinating reason.

Amethyst’s most widely recognized purple color was originally one of the most costly and difficult colors to create. Tyrian purple, established as the royal color, originally relied on processing mucus from the Murex snail. The creation of even one royal purple swath of fabric relied on the biological pigments from thousands of snails.

what does amethyst symbolize - Murex snails used for Tyran purple
Murex Snails Used For Tyran Purple

Amethyst Modern Applications

Today, amethyst is widely used in a multitude of applications, including cell phones, computer chips, and navigation systems.

As with other crystals in the quartz family, the introduction of an electrical field to an amethyst crystal causes it to vibrate with such amazing consistency, it’s used to operate electric clock displays.

Many rely on the meaning of amethyst crystal as a tool to channel vibrations for meditation and beneficial healing properties.

Others also believe that amethyst jewelry designs or home decor crystals promote spiritual wellness and restfulness.

Still others, fortunate to share a February birthdate, can celebrate their claim to the amethyst birthstone.

One belief that connects all ideologies is the appreciation of amethyst as one of the most beautiful and popular gemstones, whether as an instrument to create spectacular decor or as an instrument for other philosophical or personally enriching goals.

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