Australia’s Mookaite Masterpieces

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Australia’s Mookaite Masterpieces Direct From The Source

Also known as mookaite jasper from Australia, the stone is a wonderful element for adding luster to cabochons and beautifully earthy jewelry designs.


Australia's Mookaite Masterpieces  - Jasper Gemstone
Mookaite Jasper from Australia

The first thing that comes to mind when people hear my Aussie accent is the almost universal happiness Australians are known for. Many of my friends have expressed their dream of visiting Australia and experiencing its rich history.

With the travel restrictions, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to share one of my previous journeys back to my native home of Melbourne, Australia.

There are so many things that make Australia such a special place, from the incredible biodiversity and the breathtaking countryside to natural gems as colorful as our culture.

One of my favorite gemstones, mookaite jasper from Australia, is based on the Aboriginal term mooka which translates to running waters. The name is inspired by the numerous springs that feed Mooka Creek in Western Australia. It’s held that the stone inspires its wearer with the quality of heightened-awareness.

The mookaite jasper from Australia is truly a gorgeous stone, with dramatic color combinations including deep reds, yellows, plums, pink, and cream.

During my visit, I explored warehouses and showrooms responsible for giving us Australia’s mookaite masterpieces.

Here’s a bit of my trip you can experience from wherever you happen to be. Enjoy the video below.

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