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Purple Brain

Did you ever wake with something on your mind — with an image as strong is it is indelible?  Even a song can send it from the back of your mind and into sharp focus.  For me at this very moment, it’s a color. Not just any color, but beautiful attention-grabbing purple.  I’m seeing it all over the place, from cosmetic packaging to crystals, and in stones, glass… simply everywhere.  I was even tempted to purchase a vintage purple Glass Carnival Lamp at an auction, although  I had no idea where I’d put it, as it doesn’t match the decor of my home (but I seriously considered it).

As if it weren’t enough, out of literally thin air, I received another mental queue to reinforce the image further. It was the radio playing one of my favorite songs, but somehow, during a moment of deep thought, it blossomed in my subconscious as, of all things: “Purple Brain.”  That was the crowning event that made me decide to dedicate it to my new design of the Mala Necklace, with its 3-inch druzy pendant. It’s amazing how one thought can lead to creative design.  While working on the necklace, I was adding and subtracting a range of purple hues along the way, ranging from lilacs to royal velvet to get just the perfect look.

My ‘purple brain’ flushed with stories of the color, and the accounts of the amethyst’s dazzling hue which are as interesting as the color itself.

HerMJ.com - Mala NecklaceThough rare in nature, purple is as popular in clothing worn by royalty, as it is for the highschooler’s bejeweled cellphone or that daring shade of lipstick buried within your arsenal of cosmetics.  We’re drawn to it because of its rich history and association with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and even magic.

Purple can also have a fascinating range of influences, from the calming effect some of us receive in its presence, to the creativity, imagination, and spirituality it triggers for many others. For me, I’ve always loved the color for jewelry (Amethyst, of course). In fact, based on the depth of my fascination with it, you could make the credible argument that it’s become part of my DNA.

Purple Amethyst Inspiration

Looking around my office studio today, my eyes gravitate to one of my monolithic purple Amethyst geodes, and again to the purple dichroic glass pendant that both so clearly influenced my creativity.  It is fascinating to concentrate on a color, and then to see it everywhere, as if it has as much influence on you as you on it.  As a result, I’ve come to the conclusion that thoughts like these require exercise. What our hands achieve — whether from a bolt of fabric or the note of a song, or the beautiful amethyst gemstone — always takes its original form in our mind’s eye as divine inspiration.

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